5 Romantic Islands for Honeymoon

“Fathom Way To Go”, “ORBITZ Travel Blog”, and “Triplt Blog” are the top three romantic blogs. One of the hot topics is “The Best Destinations of Honeymoon”. It inspirits me to write this blog. In this passionate summer, I prepared top 5 oceanic islands for your romantic honeymoon.


  1. Seychelles

The Purest Island


Picture From: Google Image

When I began to realize Seychelles, I understood why princesses Kate chose this African island for her honeymoon. There are pure white sand beach with all the trappings of tropical island life. Life becomes simple in here. You can swim, snorkel or just laze on the quiet beach under bright blue skies. You can see the most beautiful sunset in the world and the shadow of coconut trees sliding gently into translucent water.

分割线jpg2. Palau

God’s Aquarium


Picture From: Google Image

Here is the God’s aquarium. Here is the hometown of rainbow. Here are seven colors in the seawater. Here is the place you cannot miss in your life. Here is Palau.

In here, you can dance with jellyfishes because Palau has a unique non-toxic jellyfish lake. Even, you can dance with sharks because Palau’s ecological environment shaped sharks friendly character. I know it looks crazy, but in history, shark attacks have never happened in Palau.


  1. Mauritius

The Hometown of The Heaven


Picture From: Google Image

“God created Mauritius first, and then made a copy which he called Heaven.”
                                                                                                                                              -Mark Twain

Mauritius is famous with the crystal clear water and sky. Except sunshine and beach, it is sending out the French romantic feelings and British elegance. In here, you can shut out the rest of the world and enjoy a private beach and yachts bit.


  1. Paradise Island

Pink Sands Beach


Picture From: Google Image

Paradise island is located in the Bahamas. Pink sands beach has a reputation as the sexiest sand in the world. Close your eyes. And just imagine: You’re lazing on a pink sands beach lapped by royal blue waters and listen to the song of the sea. How romantic it is. With such a dreamlike setting, the pink sands beach is the most popular destination in Paradise Island.

分割线jpg5. Madeira

A Poem of Portugal


Picture From: Google Image

Madeira belongs to Portugal. People have a special liking for her. Winston Churchill stayed in here and wrote war memoirs. Princess Sisi spent an unforgettable time in Madeira. The last emperor of Austro-Hungary lived in here with family after the abdication. Not only does Madeira have enchanting sceneries, but also is full with touching stories.






5 thoughts on “5 Romantic Islands for Honeymoon

  1. ainoace says:

    Celine, for a moment I thought I was on holidays. Beautiful places to visit. The opportunity of travelling is a gift. Just let me suggest one more, Balearic Islands in Spain, where you’ll find whatever you are looking for. Romantic caves, amazing sunsets or even amazing parties in Ibiza’s nightclubs.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ni Vuong says:

    So beautiful Celine, I wish I can have a chance to visit all of these places. Thanks for sharing. I really love the beach and diving 😀 Do ur city have any nice beach with many activities ?


  3. Amir @ Not So Literary! says:

    Amazing photos! The snorkeling with the jellyfish photo freaked me out a bit but I would love to visit Palau and all the other destinations you’ve mentioned here. I have travelled quite a bit but I’ve never been to these amazing places. I would love to visit that Pink San Beach and Madeira most of all. Awesome post Celine!


  4. Yuliya says:

    Great post, Celine. I adore Madeira. The island of Madeira is famous for its wine, hand embroidery, honey cake “Bolo de mel”, exotic flowers, tropical fruits, amazing views and its spectacular fireworks at New Year, which fell into the Guinness Book of Records as the largest fireworks display in the world. But what about Italy? What romantic places you suggest?


  5. joshwahler says:

    All of these places look stunning! I think if I had to choose to go to one it would be Seychelles, the water is beautiful and I love the look of the landscape. The trees look very pretty against the colour of the rocks. I’ve never been to any of these places, but I hope I get the chance to some day.


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