A Review of Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac

Fairmont Le Chateau FrontenacThe picture is the property of Celine Liu

Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac, the most charming hotel in Quebec, is endowed with rich history and modern innovations.  I believe that staying in Château Frontenac is every tourist’s dream. However, the accommodation is expensive by normal standards. Is it worth to spend at least 450 CAD for staying there one night? Today I am going to write a detailed review for Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac to help make your decision.

Scenery & Culturestarsstarsstarsstarsstars

In my personal view, scenery& culture are the heart of Château Frontenac. When I stayed in here, I felt I was in the Frontenac’s Age. The ancient furnishings imparted an air of elegance to the hotel. From my room’s window, I could see the breathtaking views of the St. Lawrence River. Each night I fell asleep with the music of the river chimes, and each morning I woke up with gentle clops. Such antique and leisurely flavor made me forget all my worries.

Tips:  Some rooms in Château Frontenac haven’t views. So ask for a river view or a view of the old city in advance.




The service in this hotel is excellent. The staff was very gracious and helpful.

Tips: Château Frontenac doesn’t provide free Breakfast buffet ($28/person) which is worth a try.




Château Frontenac has a great location! It’s very convenient for tourists because it’s very close to landscapes, restaurants, and gift shops. On the outside of the hotel are the stunning sceneries of the Old Quebec City. I loved to walk along these meandering cobblestone streets to explore this ancient city. However, I have to mention that Château Frontenac does not provide shuttle bus to the airport.  You can arrive there by taxi, public transportation, or driving.

Tips: Taking taxi from airport charges you around $43. Parking in the hotel charges you $34 per day.


Facilities: starsstarsstars

My room was cozy, and the bed was very comfortable. Facilities in my room included air-conditioner, alarm clock, cable television, Wi-Fi, hair dryer, iron, telephone, mini bar, and video check-out. Because I was sensitive skin, hotel offered me hypo allergenic duvets.

Tips: There are no microwave ovens. Besides, mini-fridges and Wi-Fi charge money.



Cost: starsstarsstarsstars

The expense of staying here was not cheap, but I found some great deals on Expedia.  Booking on Expedia helped me save almost $100 per day.

Tips: If you decide to reserve a room on Expedia, the earlier you book, the lower price you get.

The table below is a comparison of price on official website and Expedia.

Official Price Expedia Price
Fairmont Room From $549 From $335
Deluxe From $569 From $319
Fairmont Gold From $799 From $463
Executive Suite From $2549 N/A



9 thoughts on “A Review of Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac

  1. aryanaheit says:

    Great post Celine! I love how you gave each aspect of the hotel a star-rating! Despite living in Canada my entire life, I have never stayed at or visited Le Chateau Frontenac. It looks beautiful and your review makes it sound so nice and accommodating!


  2. Danny says:

    Great review! I really like how you broke down each section and reviewed it instead of just one single overview. It really helps to see how each part of the stay was different from the rest and what was good about each.


  3. johnwallace2 says:

    Great review, Celine! I also like how you touched on all different aspects of your experience with different ratings for each and tips that first-time visitors can definitely benefit from. Beyond the hotel, what was your favourite thing to see or do while you were in Quebec City?


  4. connectcouture. says:

    Really fantastic review! I think you really highlighted what most people would want to know about a hotel before booking it – especially one that is as expensive as the Fairmont. I’ve often wondered what it would be like to stay there for a night!


  5. Yuliya says:

    Great review Celine. The price is not cheap but from your picture I see that it is very romantic place. What about other hotels? Why you choose this hotel?


  6. Ni Vuong says:

    450 a night ! so expensive. But thanks for your useful information. I like the way you ranked for each part. I’ve never been in Quebec. I heard it’s really beautiful, hope I will visit soon 🙂 Great review, Celine.


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