An Useful Interview: Tips of Taking Good Travel Photographs

There was a time when traveling without a photo was acceptable. But I could not remember when it was since I wasn’t born yet. Nowadays, almost everyone takes photos when they are on vacations for recording the moment of happiness and breathtaking landscapes, or, just for their Instagram. However, you may ask: how can we take good photos? How can I make sure my girlfriend is beautiful in pictures in case she has a reason to flare up at me? What kinds of cameras are better choices for travelling? Today, I interviewed a professional photographer—-Lei Tao, who has 15 years experience for photography techniques. He answered my questions and shared us some key and useful tips of taking good travel Photographs. I hope you will like that.


Question 1

Celine: What kinds of cameras are good choices for traveling? Could you recommend a model for us?

Lei Tao: Don’t influence you beautiful mood when you are on vacations due to a heave and complicated camera. Just keep it simple, light, and high zoom ratio. I would like to recommend Sony RX100 Digital Camera which has nice feel, full functions, high effective pixels (20.2 million). In a word, the level of image quality can rival SLR Cameras. However, it is more user-friendly and easier to operate.


Question 2

Celine: Could you please give us some suggestions for taking good landscape photography?

Lei Tao: The first tip is about time. It is better to take pictures at the earlier morning or later evening. During these period times, the colors of sky are rich and clouds are changeable and colorful. An impressive aesthetic visual impact may be achieved if you use these times.

The second tip is about positions. Divide a frame into thirds (both horizontally and vertically). Then place you subject at any one of these four circles.

the rule of thrids

Pictures From Google Images

The last tip is about angles. Usually, when we are shooting landscapes, using a wide angle lens is the most common technique. This skill will exaggerate depth and relative size in a photo, so that can emphasize subjects and expand backgrounds.


Question 3

I was commissioned to ask this question for my friend:

“Could you please give me some suggestions for portrait photography, so that I will be adored by my girlfriend?”—-Ken. Well, let me translate it to you: I am begging for your suggestions, so that my girlfriend won’t get mad at me any more due to such ugly pictures.

Lei Tao: Haha, the first rule is avoiding back-lighting. Otherwise, photos will be very dark. Then, avoid taking pictures from 10am-4pm. During this period time, the sun angle is too high, so that there will be lots of shadow on faces. Last, never crop off at the joints. If Ken applies this tip, his girlfriend will have a golden ratio in photos.


Pictures From Google Images

P.S: Crop at green lines. Never crop at red lines.


Question 4

Celine: I really do not like to bring too much stuff when I enjoy my vocations. Can I just use iphone for shooting?

Lei Tao: Of course you can! Actually, if you just take photos for fun and social media network instead of professional tasks, iphone 6 and iphone 6 plus can completely meet your needs. Just remember, stay away from using zoom as much as you can, otherwise you will decrease photos’ quality.


Question 5

Celine: What tips you want to add to travel photography?

Lei Tao: Protect camera lenses away from thieves. To a photographer, camera lenses are important equipment. However, they are also objectives of thieves as lenses can be sold at good price. Carry gears with you instead of sending them in suitcase when you take the flight. When your bag is full of lenses, always keep an eye on it.


Above all are contents of this interview. Thanks Lei Tao again. Which tips do you like most? What are suggestions that you want to share with us? Please don’t hesitate to leave your comments.




6 thoughts on “An Useful Interview: Tips of Taking Good Travel Photographs

  1. Yuliya says:

    Thank you Celine for sharing this great interview with Lei Tao. I use for my vocations Nikon D90, it is nice photo camera with 12.3 effective megapixels. But sometimes I use only my phone. If you would like to know how to make good pictures then you can go on and watch a video course for photographers.


  2. zoevp says:

    Those are great tips! Personally, I don’t like to carry a big camera around when I’m travelling. I find it to be to cumbersome when I’m walking around all day. Thankfully the quality of phone cameras are getting much better!


  3. aryanaheit says:

    I loved this interview Celine! I love travel photography, and these are all great tips and advice! I totally agree with the part about positions and angles – it makes a huge difference when you have a certain perspective for the frame of the picture.


  4. Ali says:

    This is a great interview Celine with sure great tips that will sure use especially the ones about landscape and portrait. I also only use my iphone for pics and I am glad that Ken mentioned that they can be used to achieve great quality pictures once his tips are used.


  5. johnwallace2 says:

    So many great tips in this interview, Celine! I’m about to embark on a trip myself this weekend, so I’ve jotted a lot of these down for when I take pictures! This was a really cool spin on your topic and very informative.


  6. Ni Vuong says:

    Thanks for good tips from the interviewer that u shared Celine, I love photography, and this post is really helpful. Mostly I use my phone to take photos and I agree that device is not the most important to take a good photo if you understand some tricks that Ken shared here.


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