Reflection on the Disney Company Blog

Recently I visited to Disney World in Orlando. I find magic really exists in the both real and online world of Disney. Since I write blogs as well, I have studied why its blog is so popular out of envy! There are 5 magic strategies that help the Disney Company Blog is deeply loved by fans.


Magic Strategy 1: Use Celebrities

Disney Company has an advantage of using celebrities to increase the blog’s traffic as it has built innumerable stars that are deeply affected by everyone’s favorite, like Mickey, Cinderella, and Mike Wazowski etc. So its bloggers often write posts about Disney stars in order that strike a chord with readers. There is no doubt that, when we are reading these blogs, all the sweet memories of childhood will come back again.

Meet J.Thaddeus Toad

The Comment On J.Thaddeuw Toad



Magic Strategy 2: Engage with readers

There are many ways can engage with readers. However, Disney has the most especial one —– Quiz! I felt so confused why lots of people participated in its quizzes. Are school quizzes not enough to them? Anyway, Disney caught the curiosity of readers successfully.

Disney Quiz

Disney Quiz Question

Comment on quiz




Magic Strategy 3: Highlight products/service through videos

Disney highlighted company’s new service —— “Photopass” via video blog. It illustrates how to use Photopass and the magical effects of using Photopass to tourists directly and clearly. The only drawback is: they didn’t mention that this amazing service cost more than 300 USD.

VideoVideo 2




Magic Strategy 4: Share Breaking News

Sharing company breaking news on blog enable Disney connect visitors with real time information.

Breaking news of Disneyland


Magic Strategy 5: keep variations of posts’ types

Disney has different kinds of posts, for example interview posts, list posts, informative posts, video posts and quiz posts etc. Different kinds of posts contribute to emphasizing different contents. Meanwhile these variations can keep interest and freshness of the blog.



P.S. Pictures From Disney Company Blog:



5 thoughts on “Reflection on the Disney Company Blog

  1. ainoace says:

    Disney has been with us for a loong time and several generations of kids have grown with Cinderella, Mickey Mouse, The Little Mermaid, etc. It’s great to see how Disney has grown as well and applies latest trends successfully. This blog is great for Disney lovers although they are not kids anymore.


  2. aryanaheit says:

    Great post Celine! I LOVE the Disney blog – they update it so frequently and it’s always exciting and informative. It’s a great way to see behind the scenes Disney footage or be the first to hear about their updates and launches.


  3. Tati says:

    Celine, this week we thought with you in the same direction)) I also wrote reflection for the Disney blog, but chose the Playlist one. Of course I looked through other Disney blogs and all of them are absolutely amazing. I’m sure that reading their blog for you was even more exciting after the trip. Out of all their topics I really enjoy Quizzes, spent so much time doing them ☺ It’s like never ending process of moving from one quiz to another!!! ☺


  4. Ni Vuong says:

    Oh, I just comment another blog written about Disney :)) As a fan of Disney, so ashamed that I haven’t checked their blog even 1 time :))) I heard about Display Play List. Its really cool blog. All of them are amazing. Thanks for sharing Celine


  5. Amir @ Not So Literary! says:

    Looks like a need to check out their blog! I love their 5 magic strategies! I’ve been to Orlando but didn’t go to Disney so next time I definitely will 🙂 Those quizzes actually look like fun! Will check them out 🙂 Great post Celine!


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